About Us


Gulf Coast Energy, Inc was founded with the intention and mission to "change the world," through the manufacturing of alternative, environmentally friendly, renewable biofuels.

Gulf Coast Energy, Inc was founded by former engineers and employees of Mercedes Benz and Dow Chemical Corporation. GCE has developed a unique approach to the manufacturing of bio-renewable fuels that takes advantage of the latest state-of-the-art modular process technology known as biomass gasification and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The combination of these processes we refer to as GFT technology. With this single technology alone, we are poised to revolutionize the renewable fuel industry. Our model aims to produce a variety of bio-renewable carbon fuels, initially focusing on ethanol, and quickly moving into the hydrocarbons such as bio-synthetic (renewable) diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuel.

GFT technology allows for the input of low cost biomass (often termed “cellulosic”) as the only raw material. This means that we have no need for food-chain raw materials such as corn and soybean oil that are used in other bio-fuel manufacturing processes. Our GFT technology is also a modular system allowing for continuous, as opposed to batch operations used by the fermentation process. This creates a dramatically smaller design footprint for a given level of output and a substantially lower up-front capital cost. It is also flexible in that it can run a variety of biomass feedstock materials such as wood, switchgrass, miscanthus, corn stover, rice straw, landfill waste, etc.