Drayton Pruitt, Jr

Chairman of the Board 

Drayton Pruitt, Jr., Chairman of the Board, received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Alabama in 1959, a Juris Doctor from the University Of Alabama School Of Law in January of l96l, and a Doctor of Laws Degree from Livingston University in l990. He is a practicing lawyer from Livingston, Sumter County, Alabama since 1961 and is licensed to practice law in the States of Alabama and Tennessee.  Mr. Pruitt serves on the Board of Directors of Cyber Operations, Morgan Creek Energy Corp., The Governor “Sonny” Montgomery Institute, BioBait, Inc., The Alabama Law School Foundation, and the University of Alabama President’s Council.  He also serves as chairman of the Board of Directors of Regions Bank in Sumter, Alabama. In addition to law, Mr. Pruitt served as one of a three member Board of Directors of Governor George C. Wallace's Campaign for President of the United States in the 1972 and 1976 campaigns. He was elected to the City Council of Livingston, Alabama in 1964 and served until 1968, when he was elected as Mayor and then served as Vice Chairman of the Utilities Board of the City of Livingston from 1968 - 1980.  During his term as City Council member and Mayor, Livingston formed an Industrial Development Board, which developed three Industrial Parks.  Notably, he was featured in the lead article of Venture Magazine for the innovative use of Industrial Revenue Bonds as venture capital, which assisted in locating many industries to the area.  During the time that he was Mayor, the City of Livingston received more money per capita from the Federal Government than any other city in Alabama. A study done by the economic development subcommittee of Congress concluded that Livingston had the most success and best used the monies it received from the federal grant and loan programs of any city in the Nation. He testified twice before the US Congressional Subcommittee concerning the planning and organization needed to accomplish such a successful use of capital.  Lastly, Mr. Pruitt also has a distinguished military service record. He served in the US Army Infantry beginning in 1957 and served in National Guard or Reserve Units until 1968. He served as a Military Police Officer at Fort Gordon Georgia during the Berlin crisis.