Our History


In 2009, our pilot plant successfully produced its first series of alcohol fuels- methanol, ethanol, propanol, and butanol. In March of this same year, Gulf Coast Energy officially certified its first batch of E-85 fuel.

The ethanol used in this fuel was manufactured using woody biomass material from the municipal yard waste collected from the City of Hoover, Alabama.  The certification was completed independently by Mississippi State University to the ASTM Standard for E-85; D-5798. This fuel was also certified by General Motors to meet the requirements for maintaining factory warranties in all of their flex-fuel vehicles.  Subsequently, in April 2009, this small batch of fuel was sold to the City of Hoover for use in their city-owned fleet vehicles.  We believe this to be the first commercial transaction in America of E-85 fuel derived from woody biomass using the biomass gasification technology.